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The Doctrine of Uniformitarianism

Flood Geology maintains there were no deaths of animal or plant life on the Earth prior to the Fall of Adam and Eve. They maintain that all plant and animal life that ever existed on Earth were created by God in the Garden of Eden during the Creation Week about 6,000+ years ago. They, thus, conclude that the Earth can only be about 6,000+ years old. They also believe that the catastrophic Flood of Noah was responsible for depositing the thousands of feet of geological sedimentary strata throughout the Earth. They believe that the entire fossil record is a result of Noah’s Flood. If a person should dare to believe that the record of geology and paleontology (the fossil record) can be trusted, then that person is branded as a theistic evolutionist who believes in the doctrine of Uniformitarianism.

Their reasoning is based upon the false premise that God created all plant life during the 3rd Creation Day. He created all animal life during the 5th & 6th Days of creation. Therefore, each Creation Day had to be only 24 hours in duration and not millions of years. They contend plant life could never have survived for millions of years because the sun, moon and stars were not created till the 4th Day of Creation. Without the sun, the plant and animal life could never have survived beyond a few days. This to them proves that the long geological ages of millions of years is false and is based upon evolutionary teaching.

After discussing the pros and cons of the Edenic curse, Whitcomb and Morris1 say, “In conclusion, we find ourselves faced with an important alterna¬tive. We must accept either the current theories of palaeontology, with an inconceivably vast time-scale for fossils before the appearance of man on the earth, or we must accept the order of events as set forth so clearly in the Word of God. Both views cannot be true at the same time, any more than can a Biblical anthropology and an evolu¬tionary anthropology be true at the same time. But if the “bondage of corruption,” with all that such a term implies for the animal king¬dom, had its source in the Edenic curse, then the fossil strata, which are filled with evidences of violent death, must have been laid down since Adam. And if this be true, then the uniformitarian time-table of modern palaeontology must be rejected as totally erroneous; and a Biblical catastrophism (centering in the year-long, universal Deluge) must be substituted for it as the only possible solution to the enigma of the fossil strata.”

Where is the error in their reasoning? Since their book was written in 1961, they have been able to indoctrinate and convince a majority of Christians and Christian Colleges and Denominations to believe that the Earth is only about 6,000+ years old. Any one who dares to oppose this view are considered to be perpetuating Biblical error and Theistic Evolution. Theistic evolution in this case is compromising the Bible record with an evolutionary “Old Earth” concept that is based upon the traditional evolutionary science of geology & the fossil record.

We in Genesis International Research believe in an old Earth. We believe that God has given Mankind two specific records. They are “The Record of the Bible,” and “The Record of the Earth.” Both of these records are available for Man to discover and to explore within the boundaries of the Earth. We are able to demonstrate that these two records are amazingly compatible. Even though we in Genesis International Research do not believe in Theistic Evolution, we are also branded in the same category as all the other so called Old Earth Creationists.

Let us look at Whitcomb and Morris’s reasoning more specifically:

First, they say that the current theories of palaeontology and geology can not be trusted because of the vast time scale for fossils. Is this a logical premise? After studying and working with regional geology and palaeontology over the past many years, I have come to the conclusion that both of these sciences can be trusted. There is a remarkable compatibility that exists between the record of the Bible, the record of geology and the fossil record. See Figures A-2 and A-3 as well as my book, “Bridging The Gap: The First 6 Days.”2

Second, they say that the only alternative to an old Earth is to accept the order of events as set forth so clearly in the Word of God. This sounds like very correct theology. But let us look into their logic a little deeper. In their concept of the Edenic Curse, they are accusing Adam and Eve of being responsible for all the evil, heartbreak, violence and death in this world. Not once does Whitcomb or Morris mention the Fall of Lucifer as being the cause of the Edenic curse. They don’t consider Lucifer who is now called Satan and the Devil to be the blame for anything. Where do they err in their reasoning?

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1. John C. Whitcombe, Jr., Th.D. and Henry M. Morris, PhD and are the authors of, “The Genesis Flood,” the Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1967. pages 454-473.

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