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Design or Darwin

This headline appeared in the August 28th, 2005 edition of the Calgary Herald and began an article by Joe Woodard that exposes the push within American schools to present Intelligent Design theories for the beginning of life in addition to the Dawinian evolution theories.

In this artcle Woodard states that:

“In biology and microbiology departments worldwide, there are signs of a paradigm shift—the latent but suppressed awareness that the Darwinian mechanisms, random mutation and natural selection, may not be able to explain the elegance and complexity of life.”

Woodard goes on to describe the scientific rigor that true intelligent design theorists apply to their claims. He points out that the soundness of ID theories are clouded by mainstream evolutiotists that lump “ID” theorists in with Biblical “Young Earthers,” who reject the geological and fossil evidence as deceptive. Journalists have also over-simplified the debate with “God versus Darwin” headlines. And Time magazine’s cover story, Aug. I5, 2005 brands Intelligent Design as a “Subtler Assault” on science, while dismissing ID arguments as “scientifically abstruse, jargon-heavy.”

In fact, says Woodard, Intelligent Design theorists generally accept all the geological and biological evidence. They argue that the evidence itself falsifies any purley materialistic interpretation. Random change alone cannot explain the amazing complexity of life. Intelligent Design theorists are requesting that the pros and cons of Darwinism be taugt in schools, colleges and universities.

Reprints of the entire article can be requested from the Calgary Herald.

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