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The Glomar Challenger

It is interesting to note that William Ryan gained much of his experience aboard the famous drillshp called the Glomar Challenger.

In 1968, the US National Science Foundation launched the maiden voyage of the famous drill ship, the Glomar Challenger. This dynamically positioned drillship was committed to explore the earth’s crust, the middle mantle and the inner core of the earth. The latest geophysical and seismic equipment was onboard the vessel. The aim of geophysicists, geologists and other scientists were to identify where the Moho Discontinuity marking the base of the Earth’s crust and the beginning of the Middle Mantle was located. William Ryan was one of the scientists aboard the Glomar Challenger. Another ambitious program was probing into the sedimentary layer of the world’s oceans. Their objective was to seek answers concerning the geological history and past life of our planet. The first 12 missions were undertaken in various select locations within the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

In August of 1970, the Glomar Challenger began exploring the sea bottom history of the Mediterranean Sea region. William Ryan was co-chief scientist on this thirteenth drill ship mission.


last updated: February 27, 2013
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