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The Edenic Curse

It is important to note that those who have accepted Flood Geology only acknowledge the Edenic Curse, but not the Adamic Curse. In fact they do not even acknowledge or mention the Adamic Curse.

Whitcomb & Morris1 are the authors of, “The Genesis Flood.” They are considered by many to be the Fathers of Flood Geology. They strongly maintain that the only object created during the First Day of Creation was the Earth. They also strongly contend that the vast universe of stars and galaxies were created during the 4th Day of Creation. They contend that the Universe and the Earth were created about 6,000+ years ago during a six 24 hour Creation Week. The reason for believing this is based upon their interpretation of the Edenic Curse. Flood Geology persons are of the belief that God has only given Mankind one record and that is the Record of the Holy Scriptures. They completely ignore the second record which is the Record of Geology & Paleontology. Their teachings of the Edenic Curse is totally based upon the record of the Bible.

They believe the Edenic Curse began at the very moment Adam and Eve disobeyed Almighty God and partook of the forbidden fruit. As a result, their sin was transmited to all of their descendants. However, they went one step further to say that Adam and Eve’s sin resulted in the death of all plant and animal life and that it has affected the entire universe. In other words, the “Edenic Curse” was also transmitted to all plant and animal life as well as to the entire physical universe of stars and galaxies.

The difference between the Edenic Curse and the Adamic curse will be carefully explained in Don Daae’s new book that is tentatively entitled, “The Mysterious Origin & Phenomenal Accomplishments of Early Man.”2 This book is a sequel to Bridging the Gap:The First 6 Days.”3

References for the Edenic Curse

1. John C. Whitcombe, Jr., Th.D. and Henry M. Morris, PhD and are the authors of, “The Genesis Flood,” the Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1967. pages 454-473.

2. H. Donald Daae, “The Mysterious Origin & Phenomenal Accomplishments of Early Man.” Ready for publishing. It is a sequel to Bridging the Gap It describes the difference between the Edenic Curse & the Adamic Curse. It is a sequel to Bridging the Gap: The First 6 Days.” Ready to be published.

3. H. Donald Daae P.Geol., “Bridging the Gap: The First 6 Days.“ This book iwas published in 1989. Copies are available for $10.00 plus handling charges @ 18 Shawinigan Rise SW, Calgary, Alberta T2Y-1Z6. This book describes the amazing compatibility that exists between the record of Geology, Archaeology and Anthropology and the record of the Bible from the geological beginning of the Earth to the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age.

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