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About us

Genesis International Research Association (GIRA)is devoted to finding the common ground between science and religion and to communicating these findings to both scientific and non-scientific communities.

We believe: that the Bible is the Word of God, that God created the earth millions of years ago, that the origin of sin occurred during the first day, that God created Man in adult form about 6000 years ago and that the worldwide Flood of Noah took place about 4500 years ago. These beliefs are the product of significant Biblical and scientific research, much of which is presented on this web-site.

GIRA began: in March 22, 1989 when Genesis International Research Association was incorporated. It became a reality largely through the efforts of Mano Constantinidis, Dr. Ray Towle and myself. It was Mano, who was inspired to see a video made of the manuscript. It was Ray Towle who wrote a video script for my unpublished manuscript, Bridging The Gap: The First 6 Days. It was then, that we realized the need to incorporate an organization through which donations could be channeled for income tax purposes. A Standing Committee of eight persons was set up. They were Mano Constantinidis, Ray Towle PhD, Scotty Holter P.Geol, John McCamis P.Geol, Walter Nemanishen P.Eng, Darryl Smith PhD, Don Kestevan P.Eng, and Don Daae P.Geol. John McCamis became our first Chairman. He was also Vice President of a large Oil and Gas Company in Calgary until his untimely accidental death on June 18, 1990. Dr. Ray Towle succeeded him as Chairman.

The first book, Bridging The Gap: The First 6 Days was published in August of 1989. Through the hard work of my editor, Paul Davies of Toronto, Ontario this book became a reality. Paul was one of my consultants with whom I worked very closely in previous years. Our first Newsletter, Bridging The Gap was published in January of 1990. This past winter we published volume 11, number 2. We are working to have most of these past Newsletters installed into our website, which we invite you to visit. The rest is history.

But all this really began in December of 1969, when Don Daae was asked to teach a class on Creation, relating Geology & Archaeology to the Bible at the First Alliance Church, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This series of lectures has been repeated many times at First Alliance and at many other churches, study groups, summer camps and other places in Alberta and Saskatchewan over the past years on a continuing basis. It has been, generally, very well received. Many would comment, “We have often wondered how it all fit together and this is the first time it has really made sense” or “You are answering my questions with respect to Creation and Evolution.”