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My personal journey; how I became a Creationist

The big question arises, why and when did I get involved with the Creation Ministry. Was this something that I had always wanted to do? To tell the truth, the idea of being connected with the Creation Ministry never entered my mind. I had no idea what Young or Old Earth Creationists believed or what their ministry was all about?

However, during the 1960’s when I was with Gulf Oil in Edmonton, Alberta a teacher friend gave me a book that he had found in a second hand bookstore in Saskatchewan. It was an older tattered book entitled, “Creations Amazing Architect,” by Walter J. Beasley, B.R.G.S.1 It was published in 1955 by Marshall, Morgan and Scott, London / Edinburgh. Walter Beasley was an Australian geologist. In this book he had related the Six Days of Creation to the entire geological column. Being I was a geologist, I found this most interesting. This was my first introduction to how the science of geology actually relates to the Six Creation Days. At that time it didn’t even cross my mind that I would one day be teaching this subject as a Creation Course.

Brief History

I was raised on a farm in the southeast portion of Saskatchewan about 8 miles north of the USA border. We used to get all our jeans and running shoes from Crosby, North Dakota. It was always a delight to travel to Uncle Sam’s Land south of the border.

When I graduated from high school, I decided to attend Teacher’s College for one year. I then taught at a country school about 14 miles SW of Estevan, Saskatchewan where I had 29 students in grades 1 to 9, except grade 7. A teacher friend, Neil Buyers and I applied for two new Indian Day Schools that were being constructed on the Kakhawistahaw Indian Reservation north of Broadview, Saskatchewan along the south side of the east west trending Qu’Appelle Valley. We were accepted. Neil’s school was at the Jubilee Indian Day School at the base of the Jubilee Hill. My school was to the south. It was called the Springside Indian Day School. I had 24 students in grades 1 to 7. Prior to this time, the Indian children had gone to Mission Schools.

The following year, I attended the University of Saskatchewan where I decided to major in geology. During my third year I spent four months on a geological Field Party on the Canadian Shield in northern Saskatchewan studying and mapping the Precambrian crystalline rocks of Archean Age. This field party was in the vicinity of the Churchill and the Reindeer River region.

During my fourth year at university in 1956, I had the privilege of being on a geological Field Party in the Rocky Mountains between Jasper and Banff with British American Oil Company. We started at the Pocahontas Cabins just to the east of the town of Jasper with 24 horses, four geologists, a packer, a wrangler and a cook. We worked our way southward between the First and Second Ranges of the Rocky Mountains. Every 3 to 4 days, we would pack up our belongings and move to a new campsite. Two geologists would work the First Range of the mountains; the second two would work the Second Range. It was necessary to climb to the top of the highest peak so that we could study the structure of the formations on both sides of the mountain. We had aerial photographs as a guide. We were primarily interested in analyzing the structure of these tremendously thick carbonate, siltstone and shaly formations that had been thrust into huge mountains. The purpose was to gain a greater insight into the nature of faulting and folding so that we would better understand the nature of these same formations in the folded Foothills region to the east.

Two years later, I became a permanent employee with the British American Oil Company which became Gulf Oil Canada Ltd soon there after. In 1959, I had the privilege of being on a second Field Party with the same Party Chief and the same Packer where we worked the geology to the north of the Jasper Highway. This time we concentrated on gaining a greater understanding of the geology in the Foothills region.

While being employed with Gulf Oil Canada Ltd I was privileged to have gained experience with the regional geology throughout Saskatchewan and in central and northern Alberta as well as in the northern NWT, the Mackenzie Delta, the northern Yukon Territories and the North Slope of Alaska. The famous Prudhoe Bay giant oil and gas discovery along the North Slope of Alaska sparked great interest among all major companies who were operating in the Beaufort Sea/ Mackenzie Delta regions.

How I became a Christian?

During my third year at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, I attended Mount Zion Lutheran church. One Sunday evening a certain guest speaker presented a special sermon, then he said, “I would like all those who would like to ask Jesus into their heart and life to raise their hand.” This was generally not done in the Lutheran church. I raised my hand because I was searching for the true meaning for my life. Nothing happened. Then he asked all those who raised their hand to stand to make a public declaration of their faith in Jesus Christ. I stood. At that moment a heavy weight dropped from within me. I knew that Jesus had done something new, special and real in my life. It truly was a great turning point in my life. Prior to this point in time, I thought I was a Christian because, I was baptized as an infant, I attended church regularly, I attended catechism classes and was confirmed at 14 years of age. I lived a pretty good life, so I thought.

As I walked to the back of the church to leave, I was asked the question: would I and a young engineering student be willing to visit a family who were not attending church regularly. I also noticed that there were other groups that were also being assembled to visit other homes. I enjoyed this visit with this young family of two children. When I got back to my room that evening, I opened my Bible. It was the first time that the Bible seemed to make sense. From that time onward, Jesus Christ became my best and closest friend.

In 1960, the Lord directed me to a wonderful Christian young lady in Calgary, Alberta. Her name was Evelyn Hartung. We were married at Grace Presbyterian Church in Calgary, Alberta. We then made Beulah Alliance Church in Edmonton, Alberta as our home church. We were blessed with two special daughters Elaine and Connie.

How I began Teaching about the Bible, Geology and Archaeology?

In 1967, Gulf Oil transferred us back to Calgary, Alberta. My wife and I began attending the First Alliance Church. A young lawyer friend came to me one Sunday morning in November of 1970 and said that he would like me to teach a class on Geology, Archaeology and the Bible and would like me to begin in two weeks time. I quickly replied that there was no way that I could be prepared to teach this adult class in two weeks time. I also said that I had never taught an adult class in my life and I would feel very insecure. He said, “You will soon get over that.” He wouldn’t take no for an answer. Then I said, “I have a class of grade 6 boys, what will I do with them.” He said, “No problem, we will get another teacher.” Then he said, “I want you to go home and pray about this matter then to let me know by Wednesday.” So I faithfully went home and explained to my wife what my lawyer friend asked me to do. We prayed together about it. Then I went into my study to search out scripture that would help me to make the right decision. I said to the Lord, “If you want me to teach this class, then I pray that you will make this known to me.” At that moment in time I experienced a wonderful closeness to the Lord that I had never experienced before. It was as if the windows of Heaven opened and I sensed His wonderful presence giving me the assurance that this is what He wanted me to do. From that moment onward, I knew without a doubt that I should call my friend on Wednesday to tell him that I now know for certain that I am to teach this class.

I started with a class of about 25 persons at the beginning of December 1970. In a short time the room was filled to capacity with about 55. I used Mr. Beasley’s book as a guide. In this class I related the Six Days of Creation to the Geological History of the Earth revealing its compatibility. I made crude charts. This class continued for three months.

At the end of the three months, I said to the class that archaeologists and anthropologists are saying that modern man has evolved through the primate line from certain ape like creatures that lived about two million years ago. Whereas the Bible implies that that God created Man and woman about 6000+ years ago. I told them that this is new territory that I haven’t ever studied before. Secondly, I said that the Bible clearly states that Noah’s Flood was a real event and that it was world wide. I had no clue how Noah’s Flood could possibly relate to geology or archaeology. I asked the class if they would be willing to continue for another three months to find out what this is all about. The class was unanimous.

It was indeed a miracle from the Lord that information came to me that greatly assisted in opening this Pre-Flood window. I remembered taking a general geology course by Dr. Mawdsley, who was head of the Geology Department at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. In one of his lectures, he very briefly mentioned how an American Pleistocene Geologist by the name of Antevs had sub divided the last 10,000 years into the Anathermal, Altithermal and the Medithermal ages. I searched my university notes and found a half page that described this breakdown with a simple little hand drawn chart that I sketched into my notes showing a breakdown of the last 10,000 years of Earth History.


10,000 yrs. 6,000yrs 4,500 yrs Present
Anathermal Age Altithermal Age Medithermal Age

Then I went to the main Calgary Public Library and the University of Calgary Library to search for more information. I discovered three papers by an American Pleistocene geologist Ernst Antevs2,3,4 and one by a Danish Pleistocene geologist Gerard Degreer.5 They are referenced at the end of this article. Without this information, I would not have been able to give a proper geological based breakdown of the last 10,000 years of Earth’s History. To my knowledge, no other book on geology, archaeology or anthropology had even mentioned this breakdown of the past 10,000 years. I praise the Lord for giving me this vital information.

Figure 1: A Biblical and Geologically based chronology of the history of man.

Figure 1: A Biblical and Geologically based chronology of the history of man.


The next September, I was asked to repeat this six month series in the sanctuary at First Alliance Church. During that time my class grew to about 150+ persons. I then received a call from the South Calgary Baptist Church to give a three month session on Geology, Archaeology & the Bible.

The following September, I was invited to Northmount Baptist Church for six months. Then in the spring, I was invited back to South Calgary Baptist Church for three months.

My First Contact with Creation Science

The following September, I was invited to present this six month series at Foothills Alliance Church in NW Calgary. Later that fall a famous Creation speaker from the USA was coming to speak at the Jubilee Auditorium. I was excited about this opportunity to hear and to meet this person. I encouraged the entire class to attend this presentation.

After the presentation, I met with the speaker. Then I showed him what I was presenting on creation. He said, “What you are presenting is Theistic Evolution which is scripturally false teaching. An awesome group of five men all dressed in fine suits began to surrounded me. They said that geology cannot be trusted because it is evolutionary based. They said that I should be teaching Creation Science and that the Earth is not millions of years old but it was created by God about 6,000 years ago. I had never heard about Creation Science before. I felt completely defeated. As I drove home that evening, I said to the Lord, if I am bringing out scriptural error and false teaching about Creation, then I am willing to call Foothills Alliance Church to cancel my lecture series.

When I arrived home, I explained everything to my wonderful wife. We prayed about it and then I went to my study. As I poured out my heart to the Lord, I said that if I am presenting false teaching, theistic evolution and scriptural error that I am willing to call Foothills Alliance Church to cancel further lectures. As I was in prayer, I once again received that same wonderful presence of Almighty God that surrounded me with His warm blessing three years prior. I heard no voice, but I knew from that moment onward that I was to continue my lecture series at Foothills Alliance Church. I then said to the Lord Jesus that I would now want Him be my Manager & CEO from this time forward.

Prior to this time, I do not recall anyone standing up in class with critical or judgemental remarks. However after this time, I frequently encountered opposition. Many of these were Bible students. Sometimes the criticisms became very strong and powerful. I was often condemned by Bible College Students and others for presenting false teaching.

The Reason for the Change

I realize now why this change took place. The GENESIS FLOOD by Whitcomb and Morris6 was published in 1968. This became the Creation Science textbook in all Bible Colleges throughout the United States and Canada as well as else where. The authors were considered to be highly qualified persons. John C. Whitcomb, Jr. Th.D. was professor of Old Testament at Grace Seminary, Winnow Lake, Indiana. Henry John Morris, PhD. was Professor and Head of the Dept of Civil Engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksberg, Virginia. Then the Foreword was written by a geologist who obviously approved the concept of Flood Geology. His name was John C. Campbell, PhD. He was Professor and Head of the Department of Geology at the University of South-western Louisiana, Lafayette, Louisiana. The credentials of all these gentlemen were incredible, so it seemed, to Bible School young people and to the Professors of Christian Colleges, universities and schools. They all seemed to accept Creation Science as Gospel Truth. Creation Science then filtered into the Christian churches as the new converts at Bible schools became Pastors and Youth leaders in the many churches throughout America, Canada and beyond.

Henry Morris formed the Institute for Creation Research in San Diego, California that attracted other highly qualified persons with PhD degrees to quickly reach the people of America and Canada and the world with the good news of Creation Science. Creation Science Groups were organized through out the United States and Canada as well as in Great Britain, Australia and other places. Their aim was to bring this good news of Creation Science and Flood Geology to the world.

Any one who disagreed with Creation Science or Flood geology were considered Theistic evolutionists proclaiming false teaching and presenting scriptural error. This means they were compromising evolutionary geology with the Bible. They proclaimed that the science of geology was entirely evolutionary based. Therefore the science of geology could not be trusted. Anyone who dared to believe that the geological history of the Earth could be millions of years old were considered teaching the false teaching of Theistic Evolution and Uniformitarianism7. They strongly believed the Earth could only be about 6,000 plus years in age.

As a result the science of geology became a false science in the eyes of Creation Science teachers and in the Christian community. Even some of my relatives were taken in by Creation Science teachers that came to their neighbour hood to speak. It was a form of easy believe-ism. It sounded good to them because they did not have to understand geology, but they could easily understand Creation Science.

About two years later, Dr. Henry Morris and Dr. Duane Gish came to the Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary. It was in the form of a debate with two University Professors who were taking the atheistic, secular position. When Duane Gish spoke, my wife said, “He is saying the same things you are teaching in your lecture series.” Afterward, my wife and I were able to converse with Duane Gish. For some reason, we both liked him from the moment we met him.

Genesis International Research Association

Genesis International Research Association (GIRA) became a reality through a group of interested professional men who supported me to start an organization. We became a registered association through the Federal Government of Canada on March 22, 1989.

My first book, “Bridging the Gap: The First 6 Days” was published in August of 1989. Our first Newsletter, Bridging The Gap was published in January of 1990. Our website is at See Figure 2.

Figure 2: This is a history of the Earth chart. It shows the remarkable compatibility that exists between the Bible Record on the right with the Geological Record on the left. It was generated in 1975 by Don Daae. P.Geol. Also see

Figure 2: This is a history of the Earth chart. It shows the remarkable compatibility that exists between the Bible Record on the right with the Geological Record on the left. It was generated in 1975 by Don Daae. P.Geol. Also see

The GIRA Interpretation

The GIRA Interpretation is mentioned several times in the text of my new book tentatively entitled, “The Mysterious Origin & Phenomenal Accomplishments of Early Man.”9 This interpretation is a result of the many years of research and lecturing that I have done with respect to this particular topic of Early Man. It opens the pre-Flood Window. See Figure 1. It is based upon the record of Geology, Archaeology, Anthropology and the Record of the Bible. This research has been done under the umbrella of Genesis International Research Association in consultation and cooperation with my Board Members.

On October 21, 1994, A Creation verses Evolution Conference was scheduled at the First Alliance Church in Calgary, Alberta. The speakers supporting a Young Earth were biochemist Dr. Duane Gish Vice President of the Institute For Creation Research” from San Diego, California and Roger Oakland, an author and lecturer from California. The speakers supporting an old earth were Dr. Robert Gange, an award winning scientist from New Jersey and Don Daae, Executive Director of Genesis International Research from Calgary, Alberta. This Conference was sponsored by certain business men at the Springside Community Church in west Calgary.

After the Conference, Dr. Duane Gish wanted to know more about my views on Noah’s Flood. My wife and I took him out for dinner. As we discussed Noah’s Flood and Creation Science, I asked him what he thought of the Creation concept that we were presenting in Genesis International Research. He looked straight ahead and said, “I believe what you are doing in Genesis International Research is correct.” I said, ”Duane, could you say that again.” He said, “I believe what you are doing in Genesis International Research is correct.” This is the first time I have mentioned this portion of our conversation in print. I now know that he would not mind if I made it known. I have appreciated his two books, “Evolution: The Challenge of the Fossil Record,” and “Evolution: the Fossils Still Say NO.”10, 11 I have also quoted Duane Gish in my book, “Bridging the Gap: The First 6 Days,” and in my second book that is awaiting publication.

Later our GIRA Board decided that we would extend a fleece to the Institute of Creation Research in San Diego, California to investigate the possibility that they may consider incorporating our GIRA concept that is Biblically and geologically based into their Organization. We offered to enter into discussions with them about the possibility of finding common ground between our two organizations. We realized that they had an infra structure in place that would facilitate taking our concept to the world. Dr. Duane Gish and Dr. John Morris, the son of Dr. Henry Morris, who had just become President said they would be willing to meet and discuss this possibility with us. Then we received a scathing letter from Dr. Henry Morris, who was now Executive President saying “No Way.” He made it clear that I am no different from any other uniformitarian Geologist who are presenting a false, theistic concept of Creation.

For an insight into Dr. Henry Morris’s interpretation of Uniformitarian Geology, see our web site under Then look under Uniformitarianism.

In spite of adverse criticism from Creation Science persons, my series of lectures have been repeated many times at First Alliance Church in Calgary, Alberta and also at other churches, study groups, summer camps, colleges, conferences in Alberta and Saskatchewan and other places during the 1980’s and 90’s. This series has been well received. Many would comment, “We have often wondered how the whole creation model fits together and this is the first time it has really made sense” or “You are answering my questions with respect to how the Bible Record relates to the sciences of geology, archaeology, anthropology and to Early Man. They would also say, “You are answering my questions with respect to Creation and Evolution.”

However, as we have progressed beyond 2000, the subject of Creation and Evolution was considered to be too divisive in many churches. My speaking engagements have also decreased.

The American Scientific Affiliation of Christian Scientists

I was a member of the American Scientific Affiliation of Christian Scientists for several years. In 1996, I presented a paper entitled, “The Geological Evidences for the Biblical Worldwide Flood of Noah about 4500 years ago.” This was at the Joint Annual Meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation and the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation. It was held at the University of Toronto, July 26-28, 1996. This paper was never printed. The generally held view of the American Scientific Affiliation at that time was that Noah’s Flood was local to the Middle East region, but it was not a worldwide event. This was brought out by Davis A. Young in his book, “The Biblical Flood: A Case Study of the Church’s Response to Extrabiblical Evidence.”12

Intelligent Design Movement

The Intelligent Design Movement as we know it today began in 1984 with the publishing of the book “Mystery of Life’s Origin” by chemist Charles B. Thaxton13 with Walter L. Bradley and Roger L. Olsen. The foreword written by Dean H. Kenyon, and sponsored by the Christian based Foundation for Thought and Ethics. This book posed the question that science reveals that even the simplest living systems were far too complex to have developed by natural, unguided processes that Darwinists were proclaiming.

During this same period of time, the “Creation Science” people were working hard to get Creation Science teachings brought into the public school system within the United States. In 1987, the USA Supreme Court ruling in the Edwards v. Aguillard Case barred the teaching of Creation Science in all public school classrooms in the USA.

In 1989, a new book was published entitled, “Of Pandas and People” by Dean H. Kenyon.14 It became the first published work to promote the anti-evolutionist design argument under the name Intelligent Design. School Board officials in Pennsylvania attempted to include “Of Pandas and People” in their biology classrooms. This created a threat to the Darwinian minded professors. The contents of the book later became a focus of evidence in the federal court case, Kitz Miller v. Dover Area School District, when Darwinists filed a law suit to halt the teaching of intelligent design in Dover, Pennsylvania public schools. Testimony given during the trial revealed the book was originally written as a creationist text but following the previous adverse decision in Supreme Court it underwent simple cosmetic editing to remove the explicit allusions to “creation” or “Creator”, and replace them instead with references to “design” or “designer.” In the Establishment Clause in Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District, the judge in the case ruled “that ID is nothing less than the progeny of creationism.”

The Discovery Institute

However, by the mid 1990s, Intelligent Design had become a separate, viable movement. Its headquarters was later established at the Discovery Institute in Seattle Washington. It is a nonpartisan public policy think tank group of scientists who conduct research primarily in the realm of Molecular Biology and genetics. They have been able to reveal the signature in the cell through DNA studies thus verifying the evidence for Intelligent Design in all bio-systems. Their main purpose is to research and to disseminate to the public the message that the presence of intelligent design is present in all bio-systems. This is accomplished through the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture.

Intelligent Design Interpretation

Scientists who have conceived the Intelligent Design Interpretation have come to terms with the most remarkable geological feature of the fossil record which is that all species exhibit stasis that is no directional change during their tenure on earth. Morphological change is usually limited and directionless. In any local area, species do not arise gradually by the steady transformation of its ancestors. They appear suddenly in the fossil record fully formed.

The Intelligent Design Interpretation is not based upon the Bible or any other Holy Book. It is solely based upon scientific discoveries that reveal the presence of intelligent information within bio-systems. They leave the defining of the Intelligent Designer to the reader. A molecular analysis of living species within an information-theoretic framework reveals a vast amount of genetic information that points both to a prior intelligent cause as well as to long sequences of natural unintelligent causes. Biological information (e.g., DNA and proteins) implicates prior intelligent causes because of its specified complexity.

Michael J. Behe, PhD15 from Lehigh University in his book, “Darwin’s Black Box,” describes the biochemical complexity of a bacterial flagellum that is composed of at least three moving parts—a paddle, a rotor, and a motor. He describes the flagellum as being irreducibly complex. This means that it was impossible for it to have gradually evolved by the addition of different component parts slowly coming together. It had to have been designed and created intact because if even one component part of the flagellum becomes dysfunctional, then the entire bacteria becomes dysfunctional and dies.

Does the Fossil Record support Intelligent Design?

In Genesis International Research Association, we recognize the Intelligent Design Interpretation to be completely compatible with the geological fossil record. The Intelligent Designer is the cause or mechanism for explaining why intelligent design is present in all bio-systems. However, we identify God the Father as the Great Divine Architect, God the Son as the Great Divine Creator and God the Holy Spirit as the Great Divine In-dweller.

The Intelligent Design Interpretation does not identify the Intelligent Designer. However, Christians and Jews will identify the Intelligent Designer as the God of the Bible. Other persons will make their own identification of whom the Intelligent Designer may be. However, Darwinists foolishly believe the “Big Lie” that there is no God. They are therefore totally opposed to the mention of any form of Intelligent Design to be presented to our students in public schools and universities. Their aim is to remove God completely from our classrooms.

Surveys have shown that 80 to 90% of persons in the United States and Canada believe there is a God. About 5 to 8% are atheists who believe there is no God. The in between group are agnostics who believe the existence of God is unknowable. The Intelligent Design Hypothesis would be relating to the 80 to 90+% of the populace in an in-between, non-threatening manner. The big question arises: why should 5-8% of the population be strong enough to prevent the concept of Intelligent Design scientific data from being barred from our school curriculum? Is it because the majority of judges who make the rulings are atheistically inclined?

Why do Neo-Darwinists hate Intelligent Design?

Atheistic evolution is the belief that all plant, animal and bacteria life have evolved by an unintelligent, undirected, chance evolutionary process. Thus, to assume that design in nature is intelligent is a sacrilege. This view defies all logic and reason. Where do the Darwinists get their so called intelligence which they believe is impeccable? If intelligent design is not present in all bio-systems, can we truly trust their intelligence? Their intelligence is basically intellectual foolishness. The Bible clearly teaches, “The fool says in his heart there is no God.” Psalm 52:1 (NIV). We then read, “But the mouth of fools pours forth foolishness”(NKJV).

Atheistic Darwinists hate the Intelligent Design Interpretation because an Intelligent Designer or God is envisaged. They deny the very existence of God and of the very existence of intelligent design in all bio-systems. They maintain all the intricate, design one witnesses in nature is only apparent design. How foolish can anyone be. In order to understand, please read the following words of an atheist.

The Meaning of Evolution

Atheist and Evolutionist Richard Bozarth16 wrote an article in “The American Atheist”, September 1978 entitled, “The Meaning of Evolution.” The gist of the article describes a battle between two ideologies, Christianity and Atheistic Evolution.

Bozath clearly states that the purpose of Atheistic Evolution is to scientifically prove that Adam and Eve never existed, that the Fall of Man never took place, that there is no such thing as original sin.

This is how Bozarth1 describes the battle, “Christianity has fought, still fights, and will continue to fight science to the desperate end over evolution, because evolution destroys utterly and finally the very reason Jesus’ earthly life was supposedly made necessary. Destroy Adam and Eve and the original sin, and in the rubble you will find the sorry remains of the son of god. Take away the meaning of Jesus death, then Christianity is nothing! What this all means is that Christianity cannot lose the Genesis account of creation for Christianity is fighting for its life.” Then he goes on to say, “And it must surely lose, just as it has lost every battle it has fought against science, since modern science got its start in the 16th Century. The day will come when the evidence constantly accumulating around the evolutionary theory becomes so massively persuasive that even the last and most fundamental Christian warriors will have to lay down their arms and surrender unconditionally. I believe that day will end Christianity.”

He then says, “And into the void – what? Another religion? I would say yes, for this has been the pattern of history, were it not for what we are building today in the American Atheists. Atheism is the philosophy, both moral and ethical, most perfectly suited for a scientific civilization. If we work for the American Atheists today, Atheism will be ready to fill the void of Christianity’s demise when science and evolution triumph.”

My Comments

Today, we are deceptively told that Atheistic Evolution is not religious, that we must free science from religion. Who is kidding who? Bozarth is admitting that evolution is a religion. However, Bozarth is gravely mistaken. Christianity isn’t fighting for its life. Christianity throughout the world is stronger today than ever before. It is the religion of Atheistic naturalism that is fighting for its life.

This has been demonstrated in Eastern Europe and Russia where religious Atheism dominated the Eastern Block of Communist countries for 70 years. During 1989, Communism, which is based upon Atheistic Scientific Naturalism, came crashing down. No one could have predicted this sudden demise.

The next wall that will soon come crashing down is the religion of Atheistic Scientific Naturalism that has gained control of our science curriculum throughout the world.

I am pleased to report that Genesis International Research can scientifically address all of Bozarth’s claims. First, we have demonstrated that there is a remarkable compatibility between the Geological and the Biblical records (See Don Daae’s2 book. “Bridging The Gap: The First 6 Days”). Second, we have demonstrated that the science of geology has provided a scientifically sound framework for the dating of Adam and Eve at about 6,000+ years ago. This verifies the Bible record as being true. See Figures 1 and 2. Third, the Fall of Man and the Origin of Sin are primarily a theological issue. However, we have shown how the science of geology provides strong evidence to support this thesis.

The Bible says that death is a direct result of sin. Geology, through the fossil record, verifies that the fossil record is a record of life and of death. This pinpoints the origin of sin to a time prior to the first appearance of death on the Earth, which is at the beginning of the geological age called the Proterozoic. This means that the Fall of Lucifer preceded the Proterozoic Age.

Through the science of Geology, we are now able to determine the approximate time when the Earth was first created in the distant past. It also determines when the Archean Age began. It also identifies when and where the First primordial Garden of Eden was created, formed and made by God. It also identifies the length of time that this Garden was in existence. It also identifes when this beautiful Garden came to an abrupt termination.

The Fall of Lucifer brought the Archean Age to a dramatic close. It also precipitated the Edenic Curse which resulted in the record of death within the fossil record from the beginning of the Proterozoic Age to the present.

All the succeeding geological ages from the Proterozoic onward contain evidences of life and death. Geology, likewise, gives scientific evidence for the fall of Adam and Eve at the end of the Anathermal Age. This marks the beginning of the Medithermal Age which equates to the beginning of the Biblical Seventh Day. See Figure 1. Genesis 3:17 says “Cursed is the ground because of you, through painful toil you will eat of it all the days of your life. It will produce thorns and thistles.” Thorns and thistles imply drier weather conditions on Earth. Geology confirms that the Adamic Curse was responsible for the eventual death of all mankind, but it also revealed what the curse was that God placed upon the Earth.

This Adamic curse resulted in progressive drier climate conditions that characterize the geological Altithermal Age. This resulted in the incipient growth of desert areas throughout the Pre-Flood Age and the drying out of the great inland lakes. Also the fossil remains of Early Man throughout the Altithermal Age confirms the deaths of Man resulting from the curse that God imposed upon Adam’s sin. See Figure 1. This curse has also continued throughout the Medithermal Age to the present.

In conclusion: The Edenic Curse brought death to all plant and animal life as evidenced in Figure 2 resulting from the Fall of Lucifer. Whereas, the Adamic Curse brought death to all mankind and a climate curse upon the earth. The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 15:26 NIV, “The last enemy to be destroyed is death.” This will take place in the future at the termination of the 7th Day.

Many of my peers in geology have said, “I cannot accept the Bible as being true, because there is no way that the science of geology and the Bible can agree.” We now have a message to present to the geological profession, that they can, with the confidence of the geological record, believe that the Bible record is true. See

The Invitition Remains Open

The door remains open to the Institute of Creation Research, to the American Scientific Affiliation and the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation and to all other Bible based Creation Associations to adopt our GIRA Creation concept that is both Biblically and geologically based.

There is strength in unity. Once you will see and read the contents of our new manuscript that is tentatively titled, “The Mysterious Origin & Phenomenal Accomplishments of Early Man,” you will begin to see the pre-Flood window of early human history in a way that it has never been described before. It will not only be Biblically correct, but it will also be geologically, archaeologically and anthropologically correct.


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