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Don Daae: Executive Director

Don Daae: Executive Director GIRA

Don Daae: Executive Director GIRA

Don Daae is a professional geologist and the executive director of Genesis International resarch Association. Over the past 26 years, Don has conducted intensive literature research into the earth sciences, particularly geology, paleoanthropology, paleoarchaeology, and pre-history. Whenever Don has worked or supervised a geological project he has always analyzed the data to see if it would support a Young or Old Earth concept, a Darwinian or an Intelligent Design creation scenario.

Don Daae was raised on a farm in southeast Saskatchewan. Upon graduating from high school, he attended Teacher’s College and taught school for two years. He then went to University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in geology. Upon graduation, he was employed for 16 years with a major Oil Company as a petroleum geologist working in Western Canada and the Northwest Territories. He was, then, employed with a major Gas and Oil Transmission Company for 14 years where he was Manager of Exploration and Operations for nine years. In 1987, he formed his own company called Delecon Geological Consultants Ltd and continues to be a practicing geological consultant in the oil and gas industry.

As a professional geologist, he has been involved with several geological field parties in various parts of Canada and the USA. These were: a) A Precambrian Field Party in Northern Saskatchewan in 1953, b) the Canadian Rocky Mountains & Foothills for two summers in 1956 and 1959, c) Eagle Plains region in the Northern Yukon Territories of Canada in 1965, d) the Gulf of Alaska Field Party in 1975 and e) A Reconnaissance Field Party on Devon & Banks Islands in the High Arctic in 1974. He was also responsible for coordinating and supervising a Geological Field Party on Bylot Island along the south coast of Lancaster Sound, NWT in 1977 with a consulting geologist, Barry Clarke. Don presented a paper on, The Cretaceous & Tertiary Geology of Bylot Island, NWT at a North Atlantic Borderlands Conference in St. Johns, Newfoundland in 1979.

Don Co-authored a paper with Dr A.T.C Rutgers, The Geological History of the Northwest Passage, NWT Canada. It was published in the Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology in March 1975. He authored a paper, The Geological History and Evaluation of the Lancaster Sound, NWT with Specific Reference to the Dundas Structure. It was published as a support document to the our Companies Resource Management Plan in 1983. He has written many other in-house company reports on geology. As Manager of Exploration and Operations of an offshore Exploration Program he worked with partner Companies in coordinating the geology, seismic, drilling, engineering, environmental and socio economic programs which resulted in the submission of a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement together with many support documents to the Federal Environmental Review Panel in support of drilling an offshore well. Many Consultants were involved in the first project. This was followed by an even more comprehensive Resource Management Plan which again involved many consultants. Both of these projects involved many meetings with four Inuit Communities keeping them informed as to our proposed plans. This project culminated with two sessions of Public Hearings at Pond Inlet, NWT. This resulted in obtaining an exploration license to eventually drill an exploratory well in Lancaster Sound.

Through his company, he was also a part of the Arctic Islands Gas Development Partnership. This consisted of four major gas transmission companies namely Tenneco, Columbia, Texas Eastern and Northern Natural Gas. These companies injected exploration dollars into Panarctic Oils Ltd. and Elfex Exploration Ltd in the drilling of 26 wells throughout the High Arctic Islands of Canada.

Through his Company he was also closely involved with exploration along the US East Coast Offshore region where evaluation of seismic and geologic data resulted in the drilling of three Cost Wells within the Georges Bank, Baltimore Canyon and the Florida Embayment offshore basins. He was also closely involved with exploration in the Cook Inlet, Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea region where participation also resulted in the drilling of three offshore COST wells in each of these areas in preparation for offshore lease sales.

Don is the author of the book, Bridging The Gap: The First 6 Days, published by Genesis International Research Publishers in August of 1989. This book explains how the order of creation outlined in the Genesis record corresponds to the geological record as presented by sophisticated scientific research. It relates the Six Days of Genesis to the geological history of the earth (Figure 1). A sequel companion volume is yet to be published. This second book relates the sciences of geology, archaeology, and anthropology to the Biblical record of Early Man and to the Biblical Flood (Figure 2) It also extends beyond the Flood to explain the origin of our modern nations and races of man.

As Executive Director of Genesis International Research Association, Don is responsible for the writing and publishing of a quarterly Newsletter called, Bridging the Gap. These newsletters will soon be on our webpage . In 1994, he presented a paper at a Creation /Evolution Conference in Calgary on, An Overview of Earth Age Theories & an Explanation of the Successive Day Age Theory, October 21&22, 1994. Don presented a Paper entitled, “The Geological Evidences for the Biblical Worldwide Flood about 4,500 Years Ago”, at the American Scientific Affiliation Creation Conference, July 26-29, 1996, at the University of Toronto, Victoria College. He has also been writing scientific articles in the Vietnamese, PHUC HUNG Revival Magazine that describes the remarkable compatibility of astronomy, geology and the Bible.

Don Daae’s Interpretation:

Don believes in an Old Earth Creation Scenario that can be explained by an Intelligent Design/ Biblical Interpretation. He is not a Gap Theory or a Progressive Day Age Creationist, but a Successive Day Age Creationist. For instance, he does not believe an elephant is genetically more progressive than a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur. Also present day clams are not genetically more progressive to clams that were created 530 million years ago during the Cambrian Explosion of Animal life. Each species of plant and animal life that are found in the fossil record have come into existence by separate and successive (not progressive) creative acts. They all appear suddenly in the fossil record and fully formed. However, the term progressive does apply to the areas of the Earth that have been formed by natural laws according to God’s plan for the Earth over long periods of earth history. This term applies to the time when God laid the Earth’s cornerstone and foundations or when the great thicknesses of sedimentary rock were deposited and when igneous intrusions and volcanic eruptions took place. The earth has been progressively shaped and formed by God. Whatever God creates is not progressive, however what he forms over time is progressive.

He also believes the order of Creation outlined in the Bible record corresponds to the geological record as found in the geologic column. Each Creation Day relates to a certain geological age (Figure 1). The absence of missing links and the sudden appearance of new species in the geologic column can be readily explained by the concept of “Intelligent Design & Creation”. In other words there were literally thousands and millions of separate and successive acts of intelligent creation of Life throughout the history of the Earth. The place where a new species is found in the geologic column marks the approximate time that God (the Intelligent Creator) created that species, male and female, with the genetic ability to propagate fertile offspring. Man and woman were God’s final and crowning acts of Creation, which brought the Sixth Day to a close about 6,000 + years ago (Figure 2).

Don believes the Big Bang Creation event is compatible to the scriptures. He envisages the 99.97% of all matter that was created during the first split second of this event emanated forth from the mouth of “The Intelligent Creator” the Lord Jesus Christ. He then directed each particle of matter on a super-computer controlled trajectory orbit to various parts of the Universe. This resulted in the formation of a circular mushroom shaped universe that characterizes the work of a super Intelligent Designer and Creator. At a certain point in time according to the Intelligent Designer’s time table the various extremely finely tuned galaxies, suns, solar systems, etc. were spoken into existence by the Intelligent Creator by the Power of His Word from previously created particles of nebular matter (see second definition of bara). Thus each star, planet, moon, etc., would have come into existence as a result of multi-millions of separate and successive acts of Creation. Whatever God creates in the natural world undergoes continual change. The science of astronomy confirms that the earth, sun, moon, planets and all galaxies are continually changing. The Bible says in Isaiah 34:4, “All the host of heaven shall be dissolved, and the heavens shall be rolled up like a scroll.” We then read, “You, Lord, in the beginning laid the foundations of the earth, and the Heavens (Universe) are the work of your hands. They shall perish, but You remain; and they will all grow old like a garment; like a cloak you will fold them up and they will be changed. But You are the same, and Your years will not change” (Hebrews 1:10-12). (for greater detail see articles by Don Daae on the, “Origin & History of the Universe” also “The Origin of the Earth” at

Don believes that the sciences of astronomy, geology, biology, and all the natural sciences can be trusted, but Man’s interpretations of these sciences cannot always be trusted. Once we begin to see the remarkable compatibility that exists between the record of science and the record of the Bible, we then begin to see the workings of an Almighty Intelligent Designer and Creator working continually behind the scenes.

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